Why A High DPI Mouse Is Important In Gaming?

What is A DPI Mouse

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and it measures the sensitivity of a mouse that how smooth the cursor move with the movement of the mouse on the screen. The higher the DPI of a mouse the higher speed of the cursor you will have. If you want to make quick moves and timely actions you will have to choose the higher DPI mouse to cover the distance on the screen very quickly. Another aspect that you can take into consideration is the accuracy that you will get with the higher DPI range. It means that you can detect small points in your game by setting up a high DPI range that will make your game more accurate and allow you to make timely actions as you can keep an eye on each and every small segment of the game. So, in short, what is a DPI mouse for you?  This is the tool for the high speed of cursor and accuracy that you need for the game to play and stay till the end.

What Is DPI In A Mouse?

That is another thing to know about before selecting a DPI mouse for your game. As mentioned above that it is used for accuracy, sensitivity and fast movement of the cursor over the screen but sometimes it is not good to choose high DPI setup because flying cursor over the screen may cause a problem during playing games. For this, you can set up a low sensitivity setup to get the smooth movement of the cursor over the screen without losing accuracy. So DPI in a mouse is very important for the gamers to get good results and reach the game to its satisfaction level.

What are the different ranges of the DPI gaming mice available in the market?

There are different mice available in the market for different ranges. Basically, the DPI ranges from 400 t0 800 and that is the typical and most favorable DPI range which provides quality performance. But this range is not the end because there are mice in the market which can give DPI range up to 16000 DPI and more. Though you can work with the DPI range from 400 t0 800 with these high-end DPI mice you can play with more freedom and accuracy that will get your game to the next level. The attractive colors for setting up different ranges for DPI for a mouse is increased the interest of a gamer.

Can We Setup DPI On A Mouse?

Set up your desire DPI range is one of the perfect tasks to be done by a gamer. A gamer has to set up the DPI at a range where he can play freely to make timely moves that lead him to win the battle. There are two types of mice regarding changes in DPI settings. Some mice have DPI on-the-fly-buttons, these are mice that have built-in  DPI On-the-fly buttons. You only need to press these buttons to change the set up the DPI. After pressing the buttons the mouse’ LCD gives an indication of the new DPI setting which allows selecting your desire one.

There are some mice that do not have the DPI On-the-fly buttons which mean that you cannot adjust the DPI by just pressing buttons. In this case, all you need to do is to start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, after starting it you have to select the mouse that you are using. Then click the basic setting option and after that the DPI or sensitivity of the mouse and make the changes that you want to make.

DPI is very important for a mouse as it provides an FPS gaming mouse a great deal of sensitivity and accuracy and allows the user to an eye on the small segments of a game. This is the tool for a gamer to take timely actions with accuracy that is needed. It will be good to know a higher DPI setting is not always good for a game because it speeds up the cursor very high which covers the distance on the screen very quickly that is not required. The ranges of DPI that is very good for the health of the game and for better results is starting from 400 DPI and ends at 1600 DPI. Though there are high DPI gaming mice are available in the market but the mice that range the above-mentioned figures will be good for a smooth game to play. It reveals that higher DPI mice that are available in the market are not always perfect.

What is the best DPI range for a mouse to provide outstanding results?

Well, it becomes difficult with the availability of the different ranges of DPI in the market. So selecting the best one for you is a difficult job. So, we are bringing a solution to you. The range that is very good for the gamers that are ranging from 400 DPI to 800 DPI  and this is a favorable range at which you can get possible results. On the other hand, selecting a high-end DPI over 6000 may increase your sensitivity of the mouse but the problem with this you will lose control over your mouse. Its speed becomes like a rocket on the screen that becomes difficult to overcome and may cause you a loss. But it happens sometimes. If you have better control over the game and you are the Guru of your game you can select any range with attractive colors and best results.

How to play on a high DPI sensor mouse? Is it worth? Well, this is another big question as it sounds very pleased that we have a 12000 DPI gaming or 16000 DPI gaming mouse. But does it produce the results that you want to achieve? Well, for the answer of this question I will say that you do not need such a fancy mouse with such a high-end DPI sensor with great sensitivity but it always creates a problem especially when you are not able to control it. So it is good to go for a Gaming Mouse with manageable DPI range. But high range DPI sensors are not a waste you can also go for it.


In the above blog, we tried to cover everything that you want to information about. We explained that what is DPI stands for. How does it work? Which range will be good for you as a gamer? How high-end DPI sensor mice can be used to get maximum benefits. We brought all this for you to make your selection easier. There are different mice with different DPI ranges available in the market with different price tags. So, it is up to you to select the best one for yourself and the play games the way you like.

If you have enough powerful muscles to handle high-end DPI sensor then this will be a good thing to be in your arsenals but you want to play in a calm environment with effort then you need a mouse with low-end DPI sensor mice as it will not require any extra muscles to control fly cursor on the screen. So, whatever we could give you we have provided you. Please make your decision and grab mouse that suits your style of play.

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