What Dpi Should I Use For FPS Gaming?

Well, what DPI should I use for FPS? this is a difficult question to answer as there are so many possible answers to this particular question. Someone will say investing a huge amount of money will provide you with the best possible DPI Gaming mouse. But this is not the best solution as spending a lot on a DPI Gaming mouse may not solve the problem.

There is also another option that you must go for the high level DPI mice which means that you can select from a range between 6000 DPI to 16000 DPI, which can be a good solution but not always.

Then how someone can choose the best DPI for a gaming mouse? The answer is very easy, it totally depends upon your style of game playing. If you are satisfied at a low DPI set up then your performance will be at the peak somewhat ranging between 400 to 1600 DPI set up.

But if you feel comfortable at high-level DPI set up then you can  go beyond the above mentioned limit and can choose from something between 6000 to 16000 DPI set up.

But Remember One Thing Before Choosing DPI:

This is something you must know before choosing a DPI Gaming Mouse to play the way you want. The high investment will bring you a high-end mouse that will provide you with more sensitivity and will move the cursor further with a little movement of the mouse.

This sounds very nice but it will not work the same way as it sounds good. The reason behind it is that when you move the mouse a bit it will fly your cursor on the screen which means that there will be a great chance to miss the target.

So, selecting a highly invested mouse with high DPI set up may not work for you the way you want to use it. So, we can say that playing style of a gamer is the best tool to decide that which DPI set up will be good to produce results.

But here are some best rules that can be helpful in selecting the Best DPI for your  gaming mouse. Let us have a look at these methods to make things easier for ourselves.

As it is mentioned above that there is no specific DPI for a Gaming Mouse that we can say that is this is the best one and a gamer should go with this, rather it is totally mental satisfaction.  But to get that mental satisfaction we will give you a few tips in the following lines to make set the DPI of your mouse at the best level and play the way you want.

  • Native DPI

Do not play with the native DPI setup of the mouse. It is always set up as low as possible to make it workable for the general computer as well. So you have to set up the DPI according to your own desire at which you play comfortably.

  • Very High DPI Setup

There is a range of DPI Mice available in the market and all of them presenting their brands as if their product is the best and there is no limit to their advertisements.

But the question is that do you need everything that is thrown to you. I think no.

You will have to think that is your style of play and what suits you the best. So having a very high-end DPI mouse, say 16000 DPI, will produce outstanding results and will be equipped with enough power to win every game that you play.

I do not think so.. then what we need to do and how we can get the best DPI set up for our mouse.  And we can get the desire results.

Okay, let me explain that a high-end DPI mouse will lead you to a defeat.

Anything above 6000 DPI covers a lot of distance with the slightest movement of your mouse on the screen but the problem is that you may sometime do not need that much speed and eventually, it leads to missing your target. And continually missing your target will end up with a defeat. 

It will also tire you as you have to control the unwanted speed of the mouse. So your muscles have to be very strong in order to overcome the speed of the mouse.

But now let’s have a look at the other side of the picture. If higher DPI is not good for gaming mouse then why one chooses the a mouse with high DPI setup. Well, I know this is getting a bit complicate but you have to understand this in order to use your gaming mouse in a better way and will be a good asset for you for your game.

what is important to know is that you must have a mouse that has the ability to sense every small movement of the game and react accordingly. In fact, the gaming with high DPI has got this ability which means that with the low-range DPI mice you will not be able to reach every small movement on the screen which is the drawback of the low DPI mouse.

So, both the situation is very important for a gamer he needs to have a full control over its game and also have fully aware of the every single movement of the screen.

So, if you want to increase the level of the DPI then you have to drop down the sensitivity level of the mouse. This will provide you an opportunity to have full control over the mouse and also keep an eye on every small movement of the game to take timely steps.

If you want to play at a lower DPI setup then you can increase that Sensitivity level on the mouse to control over the movement of the cursor and also have a better vision of the game.

Keep Changing The DPI Setup:

The best to achieve the desirable DPI setup is to Keep on changing the DPI setup until you get to the desired one. You can do it through the available software that came with the mouse or do it manually through the keys of your computer.

The Ideal DPI Settings Will Also Depend Upon The Following Factors:

  • Your body requirements. It means that you can handle highly moving cursor or your muscles are able to control the fly cursor over the screen
  • Monitor resolution is another factor that can allow you to choose the best DPI for your mouse.

The Ideal Best DPI setup:

In normal conditions, you the ideal range of the DPI that is good for every gamer is starting from 400 DPI and ends at 1600 DPI setup though you will find some gigantic type of mice in the market that touch 16000 DPI. But I do not think that will be required always.

In the end I will finish my article by saying that it is still a difficult question that will not have a satisfactory answer because there are many factors involved that should be measured very precisely to get a desirable DPI set of the gaming mouse.

Here in this article, we have tried to provide you with a possible way to select the best DPI for your mouse. Any of the methods can be applied to get the best possible results.

If you have found this article informative then please leave us a comment as your feedback is important of our inspiration.

Is higher DPI better for FPS?

Every Gamer has their own style of game-play. Some use high DPI for precise aiming in FPS games while others prefer to use normal DPI. It is all about how fast you want your mouse or aim to move. So Yes Pro Gamers prefer high DPI mouse in order to get better sensitivity and fast aiming.

What DPI do pro FPS gamers use?

DPI is very essential part of the gaming and you must have full knowledge about it, if you wanna be a pro gamer. DPI is number of DOT that register when you move your mouse.

Most of the pro gamer prefer to use 400-800 DPI mouse setting and some of them use 1200-1600 is well. But 400-800 is the very common amongst the pro gamers and they are doing quite well with it.

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