What Does DPI Mean on a Mouse

What Does DPI Mean on a Mouse

A mouse is a very important part of the computer and IT works like autocade, drafting, drawing, and painting. DPI for mouse is one of the important features that we consider while considering a new mouse and comparing their features. It is a common way to measure the sensitivity of mouse which is also known as dpi sensitivity. 

Dpi sensitivity has different sensitivity levels known as dpi sensitivity. In this guide, we will go through measures of DPI and why DPI is important to consider when purchasing a new mouse.

What is DPI, or What Does DPI Means

DPI means dots per inch, dpi meaning mouse distance physically. It refers to count per inch and accurate phrase of actual CPI. In this process, the dots are not measured. DPI is a comparing option. It especially refers to the speed measurement that shows the cursor speed on the screen as compared to the distance of the mouse from the system.

If you have a low DPI mouse and move your mouse an inch to the left as compared to the one-inch movement with the high DPI mouse. Despite the distance of the mouse from the system.  

In simple words, mouse dpi meaning the physical relation between measurement and cursor movement. dpi levels depend on the sensitivity of Sensors on mouse. The cursor moves faster if DPI is higher and you feel it is too much sensitive. 

DPI Sensitivity 

Whenever we consider buying a mouse DPI sensitivity flashes out in our minds. Some users need a more sensitive mouse that can only achieve by getting a high DPI mouse. By increasing DPI on mouse, we can increase the sensitivity of mouse. Although there is some difference between DPI and Sensitivity and they are totally different measurements. 

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DPI is the physical parameters of mouse hardware. While the sensitivity of the mouse depends on the software such as windows and other operating systems. You can have high sensitivity with low dpi and low sensitivity with high dpi. But it makes targeting the image and zoom in and out difficult. 

Mouse DPI Levels 

There are different Mouse DPI Levels, during your search for a computer mouse you find more than 10000 DPI mouses. But always keep in mind that with the increased DPI level the accuracy of the mouse decreases and feels uncomfortable for a normal user, so use the best DPI level mouse according to your work. 

Such as if you are working on a high-resolution project moving your cursor from side to side with low DPI can take longer than the mouse with the high DPI. you have to move the cursor many times to fulfill your needs the mouse with high DPI can save your effort and time and highly affect your workflow with improved ergonomics. 

But if your work needs more accuracy such as autocade drawing and any other program the mouse with low DPI can be helpful for more accurate work

Best DPI for Gaming

DPI is also very important while playing online or offline games. If you play any game like a shooting game with high level DPI settings your target point will move faster with small movements and moving around faster will help in winning games in less time. So high dpi setting helps in playing games. So high dpi settings are very important while playing high-resolution and high-speed games, while in some situations low dpi settings are more useful and ideal in some games such as the games where you play target zoom in and need time for more accuracy your low DPI mouse settings will be more beneficial. Unfortunately, you can not choose between low and high dpi for this purpose.

Best DPI for All Rounders

If you love to play games and want to do other tasks where you need low dpi and high dpi mouse settings you need not to worry because there are many mouse available that allow changing the DPI settings. They have a physical button on them and you will also get a clear glance with DPI indicators so you can easily change dpi settings on mouse. 

How to Change Mouse DPI 

You can not change mouse dpi physically on all the mouse but some of the modern mouses like Corsair M65 RGB ELITE gaming mouse is one of the most popular gaming mouse which has more than 18000 dpi, with just a press button you can change the DPI cycle. You can find the perfect dpi for you by cycling between low and high dpi levels. 

You can increase your DPI while playing games from 100 to 18000 and lower it while doing drawing and other tasks that need more accuracy. 

What is Ideal DPI Level

As we mentioned above there is not a specific number of DPI levels for all the users.Everyone has his own needs and tasks. It depends on the task. And what is the use of the mouse. The mouse with adjustable DPI only allows you to find the best DPI setting and level that works best for them. So all the settings do not work for everyone so a mouse with an adjustable DPI button can help a lot during switching the tasks and use. So having a DPI setting option is great for all.

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Final Words 

While considering a mouse for your task always keep the type of use in your mind. The speed and sensitivity also depend on what whats dpi setting the mouse are operating If you are looking for a gaming mouse then a high DPI mouse is a better choice while for other office works a low DPI level mouse is good. But if you perform both tasks you can buy a mouse with DPI setting Buton.

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