What Dpi Should I Use For FPS Gaming?

Well, what DPI should I use for FPS? this is a difficult question to answer as there are so many possible answers to this particular question. Someone will say investing a huge amount of money will provide you with the best possible DPI Gaming mouse. But this is not the best solution as spending a … Read more

How To Change Mouse DPI in Windows 7, 10?

What is mouse DPI? DPI stands for dots per inch. In simple language it means the length in inches that your mouse would move on screen when you move it a dot. To be more simple and accurate, it is a measure of the sensitivity or responsiveness of your mouse. A more responsive mouse would … Read more

How To Check DPI Of A Mouse? Simple Steps

how to check DPI of a mouse?

If you want to play games with high accuracy and want results that you are looking for then you have to select a high-end DPI mouse. It will allow you to make timely actions and keep an eye on every small segment of the game. As DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. Well it is … Read more