How To Check DPI Of A Mouse? Simple Steps

If you want to play games with high accuracy and want results that you are looking for then you have to select a high-end DPI mouse. It will allow you to make timely actions and keep an eye on every small segment of the game. As DPI stands for Dots Per Inch.

Well it is very important to know that what is the DPI at which DPI you are playing at the moment. For this you need to have a complete knowledge about the DPI and how to set it? There are different types of DPI mice in the market with different DPI setup methods.

Why it is important to set your mice DPI at a specific level? The DPI of mice a mice available in the market ranges from low to very high that is why a gamer is always expected to set the DPI of its mouse at a specific level at which he feels comfortable. And the reason behind it is that playing at very low DPI setup has greater chance to miss small points of the game you play and playing at a very high DPI setup may weaken your control over the cursor of you mouse as with the small movement of your mouse the cursor flies over the screen.

Here in this article we are going to discuss different methods that you can apply to check the DPI of your mouse. Some methods are very easy to apply but some may take you some time to check the DPI.

So, at first I will suggest to go for a mouse that is specially designed for games. There are different branded mice that have got built-in buttons to set and check the DPI of a mouse.

The specially designed DPI buttons allow you to switch the DPI from higher to lower and lower to higher with indicators on that tells you about your changes. Color lights of different colors are used as an indicator to show that you have successfully changed the DPI.

Now the questions is that where to find these buttons on your gaming mouse? As you know that different manufacturers have different ideas for the DPI buttons so you will get different locations for these buttons.

Most of the gaming mice has got these DPI buttons right behind the scroll wheel on the mouse that directly allow you to change the DPI of the mouse that that provide you the freedom to play with freedom.

How would you know that the DPI has been changed? There different color lights that indicates you that you have changed the DPI. So you do not need to check everything manually. So, fly the cursor over the screen and get the desired results.

But what if you do not have these mice? In that case you follow other ways to change check the DPI of a mouse and get the sensitivity at which you feel comfortable. Here are the ways you can check the DPI of your mouse.

Check The Manufacture’s Specs Sheet.

Whenever you get a mouse an instructional notebook is there for you to get the necessary knowledge about the product. So, to check and set the DPI of the mouse you can have a look at the instructions of the manufacturers.

You can also search online the manufacturer’s specs sheet of a branded mouse. Then you can adjust the DPI setup accordance to the instructions. So this is another option that can be used to check DPI accordance to your own desire.

Install Drivers Is Another Method Used For Checking Mouse DPI

You have another easy way to check and adjust the DPI of your gaming mouse. Mice are backed with drivers that can be installed and can be used to get information about the DPI of your gaming mouse. You can download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

This facility gives you more options to customize the DPI setting and get the desire results. This is more easy to use than the built-in windows one. So you can do everything with these drivers as you can do with the buttons. So it is as easy to setup as the buttons can do.

Every driver has got a standalone App to provide the user with all possible options and buttons that requires for checking and making changes in the DPI of a mouse. So do install it and customize anything you want with this standalone App of the manufacturer for a specific brand.

This facility is available for branded mice so always go for a branded mouse when you are in a search of a DPI mouse for games. Un-braded mice do not carry the facility of drivers and Built-in Apps.

Remember that all the DPI setting are not same as different manufacturers have different ideas. It means that the user cannot control different brands with the driver and will have to install a different driver and app for the other brands.

Usage Of Online Calculator or Analyzer To Find Mouse’s DPI.

Real DPI analyzer is a tool that helps you out in measuring the real DPI of your mouse. It also helps you in calculating the accuracy. If you do not have the setting to measure DPI then this Online Calculator or analyzer is a good choice for you.

For this you have to follow the instruction as given below check the DPI that you want to play a game at. Or in other words we can say that a DPI at which you feel comfortable.

For windows Mouse’ settings you have open Control Panel, first of all, then click Hardware and Sound, after that click the Mouse. ( Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse). Once you get here then start the setting the DPI of your mouse.

First of all you have to disable the Enhance Pointer Precision. If you have a any driver installed make sure that the Enhance Pointer Precision is disabled there as well.

Now in the next you need to reach the DPI analyzer page and double-click the requirement and limitations to avoid any unnecessary hurdles.

You need to take a rough distance that you have to measure for which you want to drag your mouse. For example we can say that you want to cover One Inch Distance with your mouse and want to see the result that how it goes on the screen at different DPI setups. You can use ruler to measure the distance. as you must enter the distance into the ‘Target distance’ box on the website.

Initially you do not have any measurement for your DPI mouse so you cannot fill up any value in the “Target Box”.

As shown in figure below, first of all click on the red crosshair and drag it slowly to the distance that you have marked “Target Distance”.

Revise the same method and take an average of all distance that you have covered at different DPI setups to calculate the accurate amount of the DPI you are playing at.

One must be kept in the mind before doing any experiment while moving the cursor from Left to Right you have to avoid reaching the edge of your monitor screen. If you cross it will not matter but moving the mouse after it reaches the edge of your monitor screen your measurement will not be accurate.

So these are the different methods that can be applied to check DPI of a mouse. You can go with any of them. But the best solution, in my opinion, is to go with a gaming mouse with high-end DPI and have buttons to set the desire DPI setup without any headache. But the last two methods are also important that will help the user in determining the accurate DPI of a mouse.

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