How To Change Mouse DPI in Windows 7, 10?

how to change mouse dpi

What is mouse DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch. In simple language it means the length in inches that your mouse would move on screen when you move it a dot. To be more simple and accurate, it is a measure of the sensitivity or responsiveness of your mouse. A more responsive mouse would produce large changes on the screen as compared to a less responsive mouse, when it is moved. 

The Science Behind DPI

Every laser mouse is equipped with a laser that throws its light on the surface underneath it. Then there is another device which absorbs that reflected light. Different surfaces absorb and reflect that light from the laser at different rates. A smooth shiny surface absorbs less light as compared to a rough dull surface. This variation in surfaces sends varying signals to the light absorbing device. This variation is then translated by the computer software into the movement of an optical mouse. 

How to Change DPI In Windows 10 or Windows 7?

The DPI of a mouse can be changed manually with some very simple steps.

  1. Open control panel
    There are different ways to approach the control panel, depending upon the windows that you are using. But we will not discuss that over here. When you open the control panel, you will see a list of apps and features. Carefully look for the icon, Mouse.
  • Click the Icon Mouse. Soon a small window, with an image of a mouse, will appear as seen below.

As seen in the image there are 5 subheadings which open a different window tab. Each of these subheadings lead us to different features of the mouse. But what concerns us is the Pointer options.

  • Click the Pointer Options 

At the very top of this new window tab a scale is present. This scale is labeled slow and fast at either ends. This is where you can change the speed or the DPI of your mouse. If you intend to increase the DPI, move the scale mark to the right (fast) and vice versa. Adjust the scale mark as per to your preference. Make sure that you check it before closing, otherwise you will have to repeat the entire process. 

  • Press Apply

After adjusting the DPI of your mouse, press apply and then press OK. Congratulations, your settings are saved.

What is Mouse DPI used for?

For a normal computer user the movement of a mouse is not much of a concern, as far as it is working properly. But gamers and editors take it very seriously. In fact they are in search of mice that have a wide DPI range. 

Professional gamers have a lot at stake when playing games. They have a reputation built through years of experience. So, they have to make sure that whatever device they are using is the best. From the large screen to cosy chair they take everything serious. Finally, a mouse is not something to be taken lightly too. In fact it is the most used and moved device of all the computer accessories. Gamers playing 3D games have got to rotate their character through the large screen they are looking at. Although this rotation is possible with a normal laser mouse. However, just being possible is not enough for professionals. As mentioned earlier, they have a lot at stakes, it is their career. They desire a mouse that delivers the required result with ease and perfection. So a mouse with special DPI features is what all professional gamers look for.                             

Is Higher DPI good for Gaming? 

Many people ask this question and many others wrongly believe that a higher DPI means a good gaming experience. However, in single character games like PUBG, MOHA and IGI, it just makes your character turn around, fast. But at the same time it generates great difficulty in aiming. Because your mouse will produce greater changes when it is even slightly displaced, as per your DPI settings. So this really is a problem, and you can’t benefit from a higher DPI in a game unless you make a compromise on the aiming. 

Some games like the PUBG have come out with an advanced mouse setting option for aiming. This option enables you to alter settings specifically for your aim. Evenmore, you can save different mouse settings for different scopes. The same can be done for mobile users.
The procedure to do this is pretty simple. 

 All you have to do is to go to settings, select sensitivity, scroll all the way down to ADS sensitivity. This is where you can select the mouse sensitivity for all scopes. A difference of 10-15 percent can produce an acceptable change so you don’t have to move the dot too much, otherwise you would have to come back to the settings and do all the stuff again.

For a 3D “strategy” game like Warcraft and Dota a mouse with a higher DPI is more preferable. A large screen and a good mouse can make you feel very easy in any strategy game. Since in such games you have to click on places that are far apart from one another on a screen. In DOTA for instance, you have to click on one corner of the screen and in another second you’ve got to click another. Although there is/are a character in strategy games, a 360 degree turn is not required. 

How Can I Calculate My Mouse DPI?

Note:- For this procedure you should have a smooth mouse pad and a ruler.
Many mice have a low DPI but we can do some simple changes to have an acceptable DPI result. This can be done if we check (putting a tick) the accelerator option in the mouse settings. For most mice this is done by default. So to find the original DPI of a mouse you would want to unchecked the mouse accelerator option in the settings.

After unchecking the accelerator open the default paint app. Now before doing anything with the paint app you should have the ruler placed with your mouse so that you can measure a one inch movement accurately. For that to happen your ruler must be placed in a position that brings it adjacent to the mouse pad. Now bring the mouse to the end where the ruler is placed. The mouse and the ruler should be placed in a position where the ruler is able to measure any horizontal movement of the mouse.
After setting this arrangement now very delicately move the mouse horizontally from one end of the Paint app to the other end. The straightness of the line must be ensured and the movement of the mouse should not exceed 1 inch, since that’s what we are calculating.
When you have moved the mouse an inch you would notice that the line you just drew is not exactly horizontal. So, for better results it is recommended that the procedure be repeated 3 times at least.
Each time you move your mouse on the Paint app you would notice changes in numbers at the bottom left of this app. Those numbers are actually a measure of the DPI of your mouse.

The first time you move your mouse an inch, note the number that appears at the bottom left of the paint app. Repeat this procedure for 3-5 different values. Now take out an average of the readings that you have got. The final result can be safely considered as the near accurate value of your mouse’s DPI.

Averaging a result of several experiments decreases the human error by many folds.
The human errors that can occur here are many. The inaccurate reading of the ruler by the user. The curvedness of the line drawn with the mouse. The roughness of the mouse pad all adds to the error.

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