Best Zowie Mouse For Claw Grip – Gamers Choice

Best Zowie Mouse For Claw Grip – Gamers Choice

Do you love claw gripping for gaming mice? If your answer is yes, then Here is the list of 5 Best Zowie Mouse For Claw Grip. As different gaming players have different playing styles, in the same they carry love different kinds of gripping. So, every gamer wants to play with a mouse which feels him relax.

The three different gripping mice that are very famous and usually gamers love to have one of them. Let’s have a look at the different gripping the mice provide. Claw Grip, Palm Grip and Finger Tip Grip. We will discuss the Claw Grip mice in detail in this article.

Claw Gripping:

This is the gripping that will be mentioned in this blog in detail. The mice are made to arches only two of your fingers. There is no contact of the other fingers and palm with the mouse. But backend of the palm remain in contact with the mouse. The benefit of mouse is that it will keep your fingers more active to take timely actions.

Now let’s jump into the main part of the article and have a look at the mice that might be your next choice. In this passage, we will bring you only 5 best Zowie Mouse For Claw Grip.

1. ZOWIE EC1 TYLOO – A Stylish One

Item model numberEC1-A
Hardware PlatformPC, PC, Mac,
Item Weight3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions5 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches

This is one of the best available Zowie mice with Ergonomic design that is good claw gripping. The mouse is designed for right-handed players but it does not mean that the design will not the left handers. You can play freely even with your left hand as well.

3360 DPI sensor is there to provide the user with enough control. The sensitivity level of the mouse increases due to the high-level DPI setup. You can focus on each tiny movement of the game with this DPI range.

The DPI range of the can be adjusted with a few clicks. There is no need to install a specific driver for the mouse to make it applicable.

The plug and play nature of the mouse allows you to connect the mouse through a cable to the PC. The 2-meter cable is there to provide you with enough length that you could play freely.

The mouse is equipped with 5 programmable buttons. These buttons enable the gamer to have a better control over the game. Along with the scrolling wheel there are two buttons of either side of this wheel. And the remaining two buttons are just above the thumb on the left side of the mouse.

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It is a large size mouse that is equally good for both claw grip and palm grip. So, it will be a go-to choice for right-handed gamers.

  • Good DPI setup
  • 5 buttons
  • Large size that is good for big hands
  • Perfect design
  • Wired one
  • Only for right-handed players

2. BenQ ZOWIE S1, One Of The Best Zowie Mouse For Claw Grip

Item model numberS1
Hardware PlatformPC
Item Weight9.6 ounces
Product Dimensions4.96 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches

If you are looking for one of the best series ever produced by the company then the BenQ ZOWIE S series is one of the best series. The BenQ Zowie S1 is a mouse that is one of the competitive mice in the market. Let us look at the main features of the mouse.

The design of the mouse is symmetrical which is perfect for right-handed players. So if you are a right-handed gamer then this might be the best choice for you to grab.

Gripping and holding of the mouse is rather easy due to its shorter length. It creates a fair distance between the palm and the back-end of the mouse that allows the player to make free vertical movements.

The front part of the mouse is raised as compared to the other mice which provide the player to place the fourth finger on the front-end which is actually good for providing comfort to the hands of the gamers. So, he can play for a long period of time.

Target anything you want to target with perfection as the mouse allows you to set a DPI setup up to 3360. You can set this setup without any driver which means that it is easy to use.

The absence of a driver for DPI setup gives us an indicator that there must be another way to set up the DPI of the mouse. So, you can adjust the DPI and the Report Rate to fit your own playstyle or preference.

For full control over the game, you have 5 programmable buttons as most of the Zowie mice possess.

  • Top-class design
  • Perfect DPI setup
  • 5 buttons
  • Comfortable
  • A bit pricy

3. ZOWIE ZA12 Mouse for e-Sports, A Mouse With Outstanding features

Item model numberZOWIE ZA12
Item Weight4.5 ounces
Product Dimensions2.52 x 4.88 x 1.54 inches
Voltage1 Volts

This is another best choice for gamers who want to love to claw gripping mice. The mice are designed to accomplish both types of gamers, one who wants to play with claw gripping and the other one loves to play with a palm grip mouse.

The above-mentioned mice were good for the right-handed gamers but this one is good for both. And the reason behind it is that it has got two thumb buttons on either side of the mouse that will assist both types of players.

It is a wired mouse that works when you plug it into the PC to connect both. So, this one is also a plug and play mouse that produces the best results.

The functionality between the left and the right can be easily exchanged which means that you can use it with both hands.

To keep an eye every single movement of the game, the mouse provides the user with a good choice of DPI setup that ranges between 400 DPI to 3200 DPI setup. It allows you to choose your desired one at which feel comfortable.

You can also adjust the Report Rate as well. The options of the report rate are 125/ 500/ 1000 Hz.

As usual the mouse is packing 5 buttons to provide the user with full control over the game.

  • Perfect design
  • 5 buttons
  • Adjustable Report Rate
  • Wired mouse

4. BenQ ZOWIE FK2 E-Sports

Item Weight3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions4.9 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H4.9 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches
Voltage1 Volts
ManufacturerZowie Gear

This is another brilliant choice for gamers to have in their armory. The features and the look of the mouse is astonishing. Let’s have some of the main features of the mouse that how it will assist us during the game.

The design is magnificent. It’s a simple claw grip mouse with cutting edge technology. This improved variant of the series is thinner as compared to the other two variants. Its width in the middle part is just 58 mm. It means that it will bring close your fingers and will force your palm to have minimal contact with the mouse which makes the product claw grip-friendly.

The thumb keys of the mouse are placed in such a manner that it will serve both left-handed and right-handed users with ease.

The device is a wired one that has got a length of 2 meters to provide the user with comfort that he can use it from where he wants to use it. This is a plug and play device that requires no driver.

Another important thing about the mouse that the user can easily from left hand to right and vice versa. This facility of the mouse will let your one hand relax for some time to buy the functionality on the other hand.

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5 programmable buttons are there to get full control over the game. Buttons have specific functions to do. These buttons are also used for secondary functions.

Offer a wide range of DPI setup. It starts from 400 DPI to 3200 DPI setup. So, you can choose anyone of the above mentioned DPIs. The DPI setup of the mouse is not fancy like the above mentioned mice but still this more than a perfect range.

It’s a medium size, low profile but budget-friendly mouse that will be good for those users who can’t afford to buy an expensive one.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Designed medium and small hands
  • Equally good for both left-handed and right-handed gamers
  • 5 programmable buttons
  • Good for claw-grip gamers
  • Fit in to the hands very well
  • Low profile
  • Less number of programmable buttons

5. BenQ Zowie ZA13 Gaming Mouse

Item Weight4.5 ounces
Product Dimensions4.72 x 2.36 x 1.54 inches
Voltage1 Volts
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required.
ManufacturerZowie Gear

This is the last one on the list with its features. Let’s have a look whether you will a piece of it or you have already decided to get something else more powerful.

The design is a perfect one that support claw gripping to keep your fingers in contact with the mouse keep out the palm out of the equation. This will build a bit pressure on the grip but the results will be awesome.

It carries thumbs on sides that make the device equally good for both the users whether he is a left hand player of right hand player.

It is wired that use USB’s slot to perform tasks. The wire is a smooth one of 2 meters. It is a plug and play that has no need for special drivers.

The DPI range of mouse starts from 400 DPI and reaches up to its peak at 3200 DPI. So you can select any of the range at which you comfortable.

It has got 5 programmable buttons that will provide the user with full control over the game to take timely actions and down the opponent.

It’s a high profile mouse that ensures high quality of performance and will keep the on the high while playing with this device.

  • Good DPI range
  • Good for claw gripping
  • If you want to play with palm gripping it will never disappoint you as well.
  • Designed for both left and right handed gamers
  • Plug and play device with no drivers require
  • The design could be more stylish
  • Do not have the high-end DPI setups like the others

Final Words:

The article has got a total of 5 gaming that is perfect for claw gripping. We have included some expensive and some cheap mice keeping in mind that both kinds of viewers should be benefited from this blog. Every mouse has its own distinctive features to offer. Some have an extra number of buttons and some are equipped with high-end DPI setups.

There are some devices that are carrying low specs but the price tag of those devices is also on the lower side. So if someone can’t go for the expensive one then he can try the budget mice.

Please leave us a comment on whether you like it or not. Both of your opinions will be a great deal of inspiration for us.

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