10 Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite in 2023

10 Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite in 2023

Fortnite has become one of the most famous games, lately. It falls under the category of single-character games, like PUBG, MOHA, GTA, and others. Several features of this game make it different from its contemporaries, on a whole new level. Those features have got a lot to do with the mouse. The mouse is one of the major factors in Fortnite and a and has a hell lot to do with your performance in this game. It will not be wrong to say that your mouse can determine the chances of you winning the game.
A normal $5 mouse, is fit for any other online game but Fortnite. This has a lot to do with the relation between the default settings of your mouse and its actual capacity and ability.
While in other games, your system’s default mouse settings work in the game but Fortnite, it is solely the responsiveness of your mouse, minus the acceleration from the system.

In simple words, every mouse has a DPI and sensitivity measure. Most of the cheap mice that you often buy have a very low, built-in, DPI and Sensitivity index. With that DPI and sensitivity, you can’t even use your mouse for the most simple activities like web browsing and image editing. But thanks to the system settings which accelerate the mouse, making its inbuilt features multiply by many folds. Thus, enabling you to use your mouse smoothly, without you sensing any performance issue.
Now here is where the problem arises for Fortnite players. Fornite completely disregards the system acceleration and reduces your mouse to its original built-in features. With those features, playing Fortnite not only gets difficult but impossible. This is why the internet is filled with articles regarding Best gaming mouse for Fortnite and not other similarly popular games. In this article, you will find the top-notch mice used by top-class players Fortnite players.

What to Look for in The Best Mice for Fortnite?

1. Weight: Since there are a lot of swiping movements in building walls, you would want to settle for a lighter mouse to save you from the bulkiness of your mouse.

2. Grip: Gamers often play for a very long time which can make the back of their hand hurt. This probably happens due to the lack of proper grip.

2. Mouse DPI and Sensitivity: These 2 will at the end determine if your mouse is suitable for this game or not. The minimum DPI required for smooth gameplay is 400. But many pro-gamers often settle for around 3000 DPI index.

Last but not the least a rough mouse pad is what can eventually make even the best mouse underperform. So you ought to arrange the best mouse pad as well.

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Almost all the blogs on the internet have ranked this mouse among the ten best gaming mice for Fortnite. Its sleek design, RGB lights and phenomenal shape give it a husky look. A powerful lithium polymer battery is what keeps it going. As per the product specification, one single charge is supposed to last for 48 hours, but users rate it up to 55 hours when used for gaming alone.

Furthermore, the battery charges extremely fast, a continuous charge of 20 minutes can make you use it for over 5 hours. Its 80g mass and Hero 16k sensors, which consume less power, are the company standard for gaming, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. With a whooping DPI range of 200-16,000, it secures its spot in the best DPI mice, since 16k is the elite standard. 

It is available in both wireless and wired forms. The wireless mouse has 4-8 customized buttons while the non-wireless has 6. However, 6 buttons are more than enough for the two to be ranked among the best gaming mice for Fortnite.

Its 48 hours of charge time can be adjusted by switching off the RGB lights or lowering their intensity. Switching them off completely can easily bring 2-4 hours of extra charge time. The mouse might sometimes feel a bit extended but you can always remove the pinky side buttons to strengthen your grip. This makes it a fit on almost all hand sizes.

2. FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

This mouse comes in handy but is a little over-the-odds at the same time, but it is worth it. It weighs a meager 47g, almost weightless. This easily places it among the best gaming mice, ensuring pro-level aiming. However, its less weight comes with some compromise over its strength so it is advised not to use it roughly.

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A normal gaming exercise is fine with this mouse since it is specifically designed to serve as a gaming mouse, if you intend to use it for browsing, you can skip it right away. Moreover, it might not be very suitable for people with big hands and strong grip, but it is definitely not miniature and serves a normal hand very well. But if you do experience next-level gaming and once your hand gets used to it, you will forget everything about its size. Also, as it is not wireless, you are free of the battery-related worries.

3. Mad Catz R.A.T Air Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz R.A.T Air Gaming Mouse

This is yet another amazing mouse with a powerful, muscular look. Its whooping 11 buttons ensure a full Fortnite, gaming experience. It has a smooth and clean activation board which generates a magnetic field that is responsible for charging the mouse. There is nothing to worry about any battery time since it doesn’t have one. The activation board also works as a mouse pad, although it is sizable enough to accommodate a mouse pad over it.

Like many other mice, this mouse also comes with its own software that enables you to adjust the DPI. You can do this by using the DPI button that is already present at its side. This further validates its use as a perfect gaming mouse for Fortnite. Most importantly, it has a precision button that can instantly adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. This feature specifically, increases its relevance as a sniping mouse.

The powerful F.L.U.X. software (available for download) that it supports, enables you to make over a dozen profiles to save your settings. You can quickly switch between at least 4 profiles using the buttons. So you don’t have to worry about zooming while sniping in-game. With a press of a button, you can switch to a zooming profile and back again.

This amazing mouse has a DPI value of 12 thousand. It is equipped with an RGB light that can be adjusted for brightness. Its shape is such that you can adjust your palm for a rest. All these features make it a non-stop, heavy-duty and powerful gaming mouse for Fortnite.

4. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

This mouse has a distinct set of buttons arranged to one of its sides, enabling the user to use them instantly and easily. These buttons, a total of 19 programmable, enables the user to execute complex functions. For the custom buttons to work, you must install Synapse software, or the buttons may not work. Naga Trinity is a wired mouse made for right-handed users. It has an amazing 5G sensor and an amazingly high DPI range of up to 16 thousand.

It is equipped with a rigid scroll wheel that ensures maximum accuracy when switching weapons or scrolling.

Some users have reported problems with the side buttons but fortunately for them, the manufacturer has supplied a 2 years warranty, ensuring its long use. Furthermore, the mouse is sizable, enabling a solid grip for people with big hands.

5. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

You can run this mouse in two modes, the light speed mode and Bluetooth mode. But if you are a pro gamer you would obviously opt for light speed mode. Amazingly this wireless mouse is powered by an AA battery that runs it for an amazingly long time. One such battery can make it work for about 240 hours in light speed mode and for 5 months in Bluetooth mode.

It comes with 15 programmable buttons including 6 thumb buttons and a thumb rest with a good grip. You can use the mouse buttons to switch between your browser tabs. The buttons are operated with a G hub software. However, you have to directly pick up buttons from a list and you can’t just assign buttons for different tasks by yourself. It is also equipped with a powerful Hero 16K sensor and an astounding DPI range up to 16 thousand.

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Its scroll wheel is really a thing. it enables you to scroll and switch weapons with immense comfort and nil pain even after excessive use.

6. ROCCAT Tyon White – All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Tyon White - All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse

This is a beautiful white colored mouse with extended attack options. It has a DPI range of up to 8500. It is wireless helped by a strong cable. Its soft and rubbery top surface is almost a cushion for your hand and it fits almost any size. There are a total of 14 buttons on this mouse but the option of an Easy Shift has added more buttons without any physical button being there at all. All you have to do is to press a shift button to add another button command with the buttons already present. So next time if you press that button with shift you will have sent a different input. The easy shift button is attached to the lower right side of the mouse. Some users experience some difficulty in using it within a game. The buttons are personalized by Alienware software.

The Xcelerator is arranged perfectly for your thumb. You can accelerate the mouse instantly and proportionately with your thumb since it is easily accessible for your thumb.

7. SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310

This mouse is one of those low budget and high-performance category mice. It has an elongated look and a meagre weight of 99 grams which makes its grip and handling easy and effortless. Its shape makes it ambidextrous, making it suitable for both left and right-handers.

This mouse is a lot cheaper, yet efficient. With a 350 FPS, optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensor together with a 12 thousand CPI this device proudly stands out. To add to that, it has an onboard memory that saves your DPI and color within the mouse. So that next time when you connect your mouse to a different device you don’t have to worry about feeding it with the settings data. However it is humble with the buttons, it has got 4 buttons attached to it. However, four buttons still work well with most games. Its DPI range is up to 2400 only. But it still works well for Fortnite.

8. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O

This mouse is another addition to the light mice collection. It weighs a mere 67g. Despite that, it has a strong built with Matte Black colour. This is a high-quality product that matches almost all hand sizes. Unlike most light mice this one has a good grip and thus ensures bull’s eye aiming. Plus it has a strong built, which is uncommon with most lightweight mice. This mouse is a wired one but you would hardly notice the cable. The cable is of high quality and is attached with perfection.

Some users have complained of it getting disconnected out of the blue. Sometimes you have to plug in the mouse when you switch on your computer. Apart from these issues that some users have pointed out, most of the reviews of this device are 5 stars. Users have ranked it better than many renowned mice out in the market.

9. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer Deathadder is an elite gaming mouse with a DPI range of 16 thousand. The DPI can be adjusted via the programmable buttons. It comes with a rubber sized scroll wheel that is quite rigid and easy plus accurate to operate. All these features come with an amazingly decent price. As if this was not enough, it is also supported with a 2-year warranty. Right now, it is only manufactured for right-handed gamers. It is seemingly made for people with larger hands, but an average hand will also have a perfect time with it.

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The manufacturer has added a 5G optical sensor to this device, which is a standard sensor for games like Fortnite. In addition to the beautiful RGB lights, it has 7 programmable buttons, more than enough for Fortnite. This makes it one of the best gaming mouse for Fortnite.

To use it you would want to use razor software, which is to be downloaded from the website. In order to download the software, Razor asks you to make an account with them. The software also requires you to agree to submit your mouse data to them. Some users might find this a surrender of privacy. But there is little that a user can surrender through a mouse. This is probably done to generate suitable data for future designs of mice. This can lead to an even better mouse.

10. Microsoft Pro Intellimouse – Dark Shadow

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse – Dark Shadow

This wired mouse has a brilliant body and a smooth frictionless back. The wire is strong and bend free, ensuring a smooth tangleless experience. It connects smoothly without the worries of Bluetooth connectivity. It is a little bulky than the other lightweight mice, 140g. But with a few days of use, you will get used to it. The side rubber on the mouse gives your hand a perfect grip and a comforting feel.  It uses an optical sensor, the Pixart 3389 which ensures a smooth gaming experience. The LED that it is equipped with is a great use of the mind, it is neither super glaring nor garish. All these features come at a reasonable price. This is probably one reason why this mouse has a very high user rating.

A very few users have complained of the loud and forceful click of the mouse buttons. Which according to them, could be because of a strong build. Whatever the case is it is doing its job and satisfying gamers. That’s all that matters.

Final Words

Gamers need to understand that whatever mouse you buy, your hands will take a few days to adjust to it. So, it’s not advisable to immediately start complaining when you have your first grip on your mouse. There is no mouse that has a 5 star rating from everyone. Just like people are different their choices are different as well and so are their choices of mice. A mouse reflects the user’s personal touch and comforts. It is absolutely possible for a gamer to feel super comfortable with a badly reviewed mouse. If a mouse has bad reviews for being too small, some users with small hands might like it because of its perfect fit. What is important to do before buying a mouse is to find the drawbacks of the mouse that you are willing to buy and then think about your experience with those drawbacks.

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